Driving in Mozambique

Free advice for driving in Mozambique

Driving can be complicated in the city of Maputo but is very simple in the rest of the country as there is essentially only one highway that stretches from Maputo to Pemba, and one other branch that goes from Beira up to Tete. These roads have been relaid in the last few years and are now in very good condition. Road conditions in cities is often much poorer with lots of potholes.

If you have never driven in Africa be prepared for the unexpected, driving is not as orderly as in some other parts of the world. You may find people overtaking at dangerous moments, pedestrians crossing the road/highway unexpectedly, and much more.  
Many of the beach locations require 4x4, especially:
* Ponto do Ouro
* Maputo Elephant Reserve (Maputo Special Reserve)
* Macaneta Beach (the lodges to the north)
* Zongoene
* Pomene